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Cost Of Home Remodeling In Us Major Cities

save-renovationHouse remodeling costs vary with a number of factors which include size, labor, materials and complexity of the project. Working with a contractor can always save you time and ensure that work is done to specification. As a homeowner, it would be ideal to work with the best contractors that will help beautify your home, improve its functionality and even add value to it if you are planning to market it in the future. You should list down things you want done and assess bids from various remodeling professionals before you settle with a package that will suit your budget and meet all your home improvement needs. Remodeling costs for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, basements and other parts of a house vary in major US cities.

Kitchen remodeling

A kitchen is an essential room in every household and giving it some renovation can greatly improve its functionality. Remodeling a kitchen can involve some tasks like upgrading plumbing, pulling out floors, changing cabinetry, replacing countertops, adding an island and installing energy efficient appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers or refrigerators. Older kitchens usually need an upgrade of plumbing systems and electrical wiring to accommodate new appliances. Storage space is also a limitation for kitchens in historic homes and Philadelphia is not short of such. A minor kitchen renovation in this city will cost at least $20,000 while a major renovation with complete replacements and finishes will cost under $60,000. Remodeling a kitchen improves your cooking and dining space and gives it market value if you plan to sell it. About 80% of the money used in the renovation is recovered in the added market value.

Bathroom remodeling

The bathroom can be a relaxing place to unwind as your clean up after busy day’s work. More and more people are upgrading the look and functionality of their bathrooms which can also add its worthiness for any home buyer. Bathroom remodels can involve space increment, change plumbing, upgrade fixtures, or just change the general appearance. US cities like Los Angeles and Washington DC are populated with people with modern lifestyles and the cost of living in these cities is also high.

You can also expect bathroom remodeling costs in these cities to be high. On average, the cost would be around $15,000 and can go as high as $40,000 or more for high-end jobs. More than 100% of construction costs can be recovered in resale value. Additions can cost about $35,000 and recover around 90%.

Basement Remodeling

Basements serve as extra rooms in most US cities and remodeling them can improve their functionality and add value to your home. A basement can be converted into an entertainment room, study or gaming room. Homeowners facing the challenge of space in their home can consider upgrading their basement spaces instead of getting into the expenses of building an entirely new room. It would be a brilliant idea to turn your basement into a wine cellar if you live in California considering the huge wine industry in the area. Remodeling a basement in this city can start from $67,000 and would be a wise economic idea than adding an extra room.

Roof installation

Roofing adds the attractiveness of a house when it’s in good shape. A potential home buyer can easily be attracted by proper roofing. Most homes in US cities have asphalt roofing. Asphalt is preferred by most homeowners because it’s affordable and stands many weather elements.

Tile roofing is also considered for its long life expectancy than asphalt shingles. Tile roof is, however, expensive compared to asphalt roofing. Tile is also very attractive and upgrading to this form of roofing can add value to your house. Homeowners who love uniqueness and upscale lifestyle will likely be attracted to property with tile roofing. Remodeling asphalt roofing would start from around $17,500 while tile roofing minimum amount would double that price.

Deck addition

A deck is one of the most luxurious facilities you can add to your Jacksonville, Florida home and enjoy the friendly weather just outside your house in most months of the year. A deck is a worthy investment for your home especially if you live in an area with low precipitation. Most contractors make decks with wood. Plastic lumbers are also gaining popularity. If you want the good old wooden deck, then it would be advisable to make a keen selection of the wood that will be used. Treated hardwood is best as it can withstand most outdoor elements and will not be destroyed by insects. Deck additions in Florida cost around $ 16,500 and the reconstruction costs recovered for the property value can be over 95%.

Whenever getting a remodeling expert to upgrade your property, find out about their training, experience, licenses, and insurances. Also worth noting is that most inexperienced contractors offer low prices than the norm especially when demand is high. Professionals will stick to reasonable prices and layout everything on the table before the project begins.

Should You Expand Your Living Room Or Not?


When planning a home addition, you want to make sure that your investment is going to add real value to your home. While a beautiful in ground swimming pool may seem like an incredible idea, that will bring much fun during the summer. It actually has the ability to harm your home’s value due to liability issues. It is essential that you pay attention to the return on investment of the home additions that you plan. While a new garage or new bathroom will improve your property value you may want to expand the living room instead of building a brand-new room. You need to consider if the costs are worth the investment.

The Overall Costs Of Expanding A Living Room

Expanding the living room is an excellent way to create a more open and inviting space in your home. It also helps to take away any cramped feeling you may have in your living room. There are many reasons you may want to expand your living room, however, you need to realize that it may be an expensive process. Adding to a home typically requires additions to both the foundation and the roof. Obviously, these can be very expensive tasks to be undertaken. If you are adding an extra bedroom or garage, the return on investment is generally acceptable. A living room expansion simply may not be justifiable.

Is It Worth Expanding A Living Room?

Additional square footage to a home will always help to improve its value, however, a new room is much more beneficial. Added space does not justify the amount of money that needs to be done on roofing and foundation work. However, this does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t do it. There is always the possibility that you can expand your living room space using your home’s existing structure. Take a look at your living room and see what walls you have separate and it from the rest of the house. It may be possible to simply remove that wall and expand your living room.

If it is not possible to expand using your home’s existing structure, the expansion may still be worth it even if it doesn’t come with a high return on investment. It is important to understand that everything that cannot come down to money, you need to consider your overall quality of life. If a larger living room is going to give you greater happiness and comfort, it may very well be the best decision you could make regardless of the financial situation.

Almost any type of home addition is going to provide you with a positive return on investment. Just remember that a living room expansion may not give you the highest ROI. Take the time and weigh your options carefully and determine if the cost is going to justify the overall situation. Keep in mind how much you are going to pay in remodeling fees and what your home’s value will be in the end. Also, keep in mind if it is an opportunity to make you and your family happier, it may be worth it.